THE ANDROGEN – Societal Progression

Androgyny = a teaspoon of common sense, a tablespoon of sweetness, a pinch of sass and a touch of class. We are always quick to conclude with our own definition, this is something I have contemplated on more than two or three occasions basically being a mass personality trait.

It is the social conviction that you should look a specific route as a man, and  another as a lady. Likewise, the measures of what qualifies as female are completely unreasonable . Indeed, even the most unassuming individuals can be casualties of its irresistible nature.

Butch, mean, lesbian, forceful and less appealing to the inverse sex; this is the world’s comparison to a manly Lady. On the other hand, For a man to be ladylike is likened to being frail, compliant, homosexual, a sissy, debased, and as being less appealing to the opposite sex. Men can likewise be gender ambiguous, however it is a character that gathers considerably more investigation for men.  opening our psyches to picture one’s sexual orientation; way of life just like a decision. “I’m amazing, I’m beautiful, and I’m priceless—and I believe it!” Deal with it.

We live in a general public that is foresighted on the biological chromosome and life structures, move down with Spirituality neglecting to factor emotions glued to one’s sexual orientation. The sex articulation is dependably assumed to acclimate with the Masse’s introduction of the Respective sex casting, it’s con’s on sexual orientation; LOVE, anticipating the sexual conduct per what you do.

Androgyny however, isn’t something all people get it. In a world that deals to sexually orient us into perfect little classes, and with everyone’s perspective being differing androgyny, can put you in your own one of a kind universe. Subsequently, an important understanding of what sex uncertain means is critical. Androgyny is really the mix of having qualities of folks and females; A women with wide shoulders, a male with a balanced or oval shaped face, and so forth. Various things can make you sex questionable. Sex verbalization for one can make you sex vague. The way you dress, do your hair, and nails, and the way you hold yourself can teach someone concerning your sex. Your considerable degrees can state a ton with respect to your sexual orientation, from the width of your hips, to the conditions of your face. For example, women tend to have rounder appearances, and men tend to have squared faces. Men have longer more enunciated noses, and women have more prominent lips. A mix of any of those qualities can make you male/female. But, hey No one is perfect, but we are 100% REAL. You want prefect?? Go Buy a Barbie.

When you grow up from this side of the world you are assumed to keep an ldris Elba Physical Appearance on the off chance that you got Balls in the middle of your legs and be that OHEMA MERCY in the event that you got a pie for Pleasure.

No! U can’t have balls and be “#ALASKA or #SASHAVALOUR how dare  you spilt Coffee on the Family’s White sheet.

Androgyny especially in Ghana is as yet disdained, and to numerous degrees it contrasts from society’s thoughts of appearance.

You, you, you… blah blah blah… seriously next subject please!

Scarcely any individuals can draw of gender ambiguous without flack in our general public unless they are perfectly male/female. But fuck it, pardon my French, Anyone who is wrapped up in themselves is over dressed.

Unfortunately, the mental parts of promiscuity seem to have been lost in this age, by simpletons who think just because (there’s something missing ) are being imaginative and novel  by the way they dress, the way they twerk, or the way they implied “darken the lines”, Puts the “Butty” tag on you. When frankly, all the investigation suggests that it’s mental androgyny, not physical cross-sexuality, or typically masculine or cultured grandstands of lead, that is connected with creativity.

Be that as it may, there is as yet a wide exhibit of issues in our way of life with androgyny in light of things like sexism, like a Fruit loop in a world of Cheerios, a Skittle in a bag of M&M’s, a Rainbow in the night, that one star that always shines brighter than the others, the quiet neighbor with the big freezer.

Yes, different! Being different is a good thing! Why would you want to be like Them! Hi Berla, what’s good?

You like to pleasure your soul in mum’s closet, that’s not a bad religion.

You don’t have an amazing figure or a flat stomach (replace with tummy), far from being Idris Elba, have man curves, you are YOU! Don’t try to make YOURSELF a Duplicate, if they want copies, get them a printer. love being different. It keeps everyone else amused!!!


The parrot tasted SUGAR

IMG_3108They say Good things start happening to you as soon as you let all of the bad things go. Smiling now.

I just can’t focus on anything, i can’t get you out of my head, i like you… alot, now if only I could tell you in person . Don’t mistake shyness for indifference…It’s not easy for me to tell you how much I want to be with you I may not act like i like you in person, but inside I was dying to talk to you!! You just don’t understand… No one does

The Genesis; It all started with a friend request and the rest is yet to come >shrug<< I know what you are thinking , but frankly i don’t care!!

Okay so back to Genesis 1 : 3; and you said,

“Seen you couple of times. . . The guy with the big jeans and hanging belt with round shades.
But almost always, you’re absorbed in a convo so I just pass…..”
“u my stalker huh?” U laughed so hard i could feel Kevin Hart’s presence.
Errmmm. . .
I think
You’re fashion conscious, you like to be seen 
(well I Don’t ever change myself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that I don’t have to please them).
I think you’re soft spoken tooOh that got me shoke! lol my voice is just an irony of the figure and u noticed it also.
Heard you speak once
Oh that got me shoke! lol my voice is just an irony of the figure and u noticed it also.
A smile is a sign of joy, a hug is a sign of love, a laugh is a sign of happiness and a friend like me…well…that’s a sign of good taste.
To be continued………………………..

Because IM HAPPY!!!


God, thank you for this day! 🙂 I’m so happy you’ve given me this wonderful life! 🙂

Being happy is a choice – – – yours! Life is 10% of everything you encounter everyday, AND 90% is how you choose to handle it! MY Life is written in Ink and has chapters. You cant erase the Ink but I can look back on it and turn the page and start a new chapter whenever you want 🙂
The only road to your true happiness is to BE A GOOD person..not a miserable one!! Just a thought! ;o) I ALWAYS TELL MYSELF; There are two kinds of people:The ones who blames everything on somebody else and the ones who take responsibility for what happens to them. U be know me better, the decision is up to you. we all have that one friend whose presence mirrors no fake smiles, no cheesy laughs, Everything is authentic. Welcome back, Happiness. 🙂 Aww sorry REJOICE, I found a new AYIGBE friend.
I have come learn 4 things i know about life.. 1. no love is perfect. yels *Jenefa Voice* Google Angelina divorce Brad.  2. life will always surprise you. OH YES! Do you that TRASH called TRUMP? 3. you can always forgive. why not? kanye still texts RayJ 4. everything can be turned around. well if Bruce jenner became CAITLYN ….. To be continued…..
Ok Bye to that Enews Drama, Guiliana Taught. now back to my sermon; you have three choices in life; stay mad,get over it, or get even. Letting go of the past means that you can truly enjoy what’s happening right now. STOP!!! Take a deep breath and look around, this moment will NEVER happen again. Appreciate the here and now, the there and then will take care of itself.

I’m the type of person who’s always optimistic and has a smile on his face, because everyday is a gift that I don’t want to waste.It’s never too late to get your happy ever after.The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are ; The second greatest, is being happy with what you find. i have been THERE…#CAT!

I believe everything happens for a reason,people change so you can learn to let go and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Give someone the gift of you. Your time, undivided attention and love. That’s better than any gift. It won’t break or get lost. It will be remembered forever.

I’m living life to the fullest. Forgot drama, depression, and all that kinda crap. I’M A HAPPY PERSON NOW!!! No one is born happy, but all of us are born with the ability to create happiness So today, make others happy…Flash your sweetest smile.
Have a happy day.:)



I’m like a Fruit loop in a world of Cheerios, a Skittle in a bag of M&M’s, a Rainbow in the night, be that one star that always shines brighter than the others, the quiet neighbor with the big freezer. Yes, I’m different! Being different is a good thing! Why would I want to be like you! I love being different. It keeps everyone else amused!!!

Everyone keeps telling me I’ve changed… actually, I’ve finally started acting like ME! – im not hot or gorgeous. I don’t have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. im far from being a Edris Elba, I eat fatty food, have man curves, love my Pj’s, but I’m ME! Don’t try to make me someone I’m not, if you want copies get a printer.

I don’t have an attitude, I have a personality, apparently, they cannot handle. I know I’m sharp but ditsy, understanding but impatient, angry but justified, stubborn but reasonable.  I call it ‘Character’. Get to know the real me before you judge me. On the surface I may be hard, but it’s only to protect my soft heart.

I choose to speak my mind and tell it like it is; keep it real or keep it moving… My plan is to forgive and forget, forgive myself for being stupid, and forget you have ever existed. #Erase #Replace

You you you… blah blah blah… seriously next subject please! You are the most conceited & self-absorbed person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. You disgust me, and pretty much everyone else…….ETC my response; Do not label me. I am an original. Just so you know, Honey, I’m EVERYTHING! BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sorry that was me blowing up cuz I’m the bomb

Don’t know, don’t care…have a good day!

#HotShots: South African Actress – Rosie Motene Dazzles In Essays Of Africa Magazine March 2015 Issue

Yaa Somuah

rosie motene essays 1

Who remembers Rosie Motene from the hit South African soapie – Generations or Mnet’s Studio 53. The South African beauty is the cover star for Essays of Africa’s March 2015 issue. Essays of Africa is a women’s magazine that describes itself a glossy lifestyle magazine that highlights the woman’s journey from being a girl to embracing womanhood. 

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Fashion is seen differently everywhere from the denizens of the streets of London, always distinctively dressed, with personalities expressed before you’re even close enough to greet them. In Europe fashion is shorthand for sophistication and grace, Milan is provocative and ‘molto sexy’, and New York style is renowned for being sleek yet powerfully with daring. In Africa, fashion is equally distinctive. Aside from a palate of playful colors and prints that Africa is known for, the regal African silhouette is becoming more and more recognizable.

Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival 2015 (Accra-Ghana) is the best place to see the world’s most innovative fashion brands, under a meticulous set up with unprecedented media coverage and more within just four days. With the idea of the ‘global community’ in mind , the 2015 edition of the event is tagged “The World edition’’ where fashion designers from across the world will be converging in Accra to celebrate fashion on a global platform. Visitors will enjoy first looks at the most exclusive collections, catwalk shows, and style advice from the best fashion insiders and brands in the business. There will also be talks and demonstrations, along with a selection of exclusive pop-up shops from over 50 world’s best-loved labels.

According to Gideon Raji (C.E.O, Global Ovations Group), ‘we the organizers of Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival seek to make the African fashion festival brand a leading global trade event and milestone for the international fashion community. Recognizing the immense talent rising from all corners of Africa, we strive to provide new opportunities for the global fashion industry, leading and upcoming fashion designers’.

Judith Yorm Aggor Global Ovations PR. also added, the fact that we intend to reach the entire continent and impact the industry’s expansion opportunities, we also hope to raise awareness for social and human development by supporting societal projects with 30% of our earnings on tickets sold. The theme for the 2015 edition of the festival is ‘’celebrating women, eradicating breast cancer ‘’ 30% of tickets sold would be channeled through the project.

With the event running from 28th to 31st may 2015, the Mercedes Benz African fashion festival will have live telecast on fashion channels across the continent with special press partners on board, buying companies on board, and other exclusive packages.

The business of fashion just got better in Africa enjoy our exclusive world edition. We are indeed the global voice of fashion.

Issued by

Gideon Raji

(Executive Producer)